Meetings with Senator Brian Jones, Asm. Adrian Nazarian, Asm. Jesse Gabriel, & Senator Ling Ling Chang (8/18/19)

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UCFA met with four legislative offices this past week including Senator Brian Jones, Assemblymember Adrian Nazarian, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel and Senator Ling Ling Chang.

We had a FULL week advocating for ferrets to our state legislators! When UCFA launched we requested meetings with legislators all over the state. We’re grateful to those who responded so quickly.

Our first official UCFA meeting was with the office of Senator Brian Jones on August 14. We met with his staff for an hour and really were able to discuss the history of the movement, how it’s time for CA to address this antiquated law and our plan to approach the issue. We left the meeting on a positive note and look forward to working with them in the future.

The second meeting of the week was with Assemblymember Gabriel’s office with our friends at Angel City Ferret Club. This meeting was lively since we brought along a couple of fuzzy advocates! They made an amazing impression on the staff and brightened their day. Our group of human advocates did a great job speaking about the current situation for ferret owners in California.

Our third meeting was with Assemblymember Nazarian’s office. We have met with them previously and spoken to the Assemblymember twice about ferrets, once in district and once at his office in Sacramento. We wanted to give his district staff the opportunity to meet Kiyle and Konstentine (our fuzzy advocates) and follow up with some previous discussions. They seemed to enjoy their afternoon visitors and provided some new suggestions that we can’t wait to implement.

Lastly, we closed our week with meeting Senator Ling Ling Chang. She was very familiar with the ferret issue and its history in the legislature. Our group of advocates were able to share with her their stories and she seems sympathetic to our circumstances.

Overall we had a BUSY week for California ferrets with our four legislative meetings and our call with the Sierra Club. If you believe in the work we are doing please consider donating a few dollars to the cause!

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